Veterans Food Bank

Nearly 130,000 Ohio veterans live in poverty and over 135,000 are considered food insecure, meaning they and their families don’t get enough to eat. Including family members, that is over 340,000 people who are going hungry – including nearly 25,000 children.

That’s why we operate the Veterans Food Bank, the largest food bank in Ohio dedicated specifically to feeding veterans and their families. Each month, we provide tons of nutritious food to veterans through our four resource centers. Some things to know about the Veterans Food Bank:

  • We’re a member of Mid-Ohio Foodbank, which means we follow guidelines established by them and government organizations in terms of the amount, type and quality of food we provide.
  • As an emergency food bank, we may provide 15 meals per family member per month. In some circumstances, and on a case-by-case basis, additional food may be provided.
  • We also maintain a list of other local food banks that a veteran may visit for additional food.
  • The food bank is intended to be an emergency, short-term source of food. Our staff will work with veterans to become self-reliant so they can overcome reliance on food donations.
  • The food bank is open any time our resource centers are open. Generally, this means Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 4pm.
  • In addition to food, the food bank may be able to provide clothing, shoes and personal hygiene items.