We believe that building a solid foundation for self-reliance must include stable and affordable housing. Once a veteran’s need for shelter have been met, it is easier to work on other needs such as employment, nutrition, financial stability, family relations or mental health.

While we do not operate or maintain our own veteran housing facilities, we work with other partners to help veterans achieve housing stability. This may include:

  • Helping homeless veterans quickly obtain transitional or short-term housing.
  • Providing financial help for veterans who need help with rent or utilities.
  • Helping veterans who own their own homes with repairs.
  • Helping veterans obtain furniture and other home furnishings.
  • Providing assistance to veterans who are moving to a new location.

All our shelter assistance is focused on providing services that will help the veteran and his/her family become self-reliant. Depending on the needs of the veteran, we may provide the assistance ourselves or connect the veteran to a partner organization that is able to provide the assistance needed.