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June 7, 2017
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June 8, 2017
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Several things you probably didn’t know about our Veterans Food Bank


with art of training

Tammy Tucker, our agency specialist from the Mid-Ohio FoodBank stopped by today to train Dixie Bishop, our new veterans services specialist on how MVRC helps local veteran families.

MVRC entered into a partnership with the Mid-Ohio FoodBank in 2015.

“Its been a good partnership because we are able to help a underserved population (veterans),” Tucker said.

“And your program is unique in that each household gets five days worth of food each time,” she added.

Mid-Ohio FoodBank has 650 partners in 20 counties. Mid-Ohio distributed 66.5-million pounds of food to all its partners last year. More than half the food distributed (55-percent) is fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and breads.

In January 2015, MVRC (all centers) served 13 households. Last month (January 2017), MVRC served 186 households.

“When you look at that figure (186 households). It’s 50 families a week that MVRC served last month,” Tucker said.

In 2015, MVRC served 628 households and received 13,500 pounds of food from Mid-Ohio.

In 2016, MVRC served 1,333 households and received 21,500 pounds of food from Mid-Ohio.

At the beginning of 2016, the food bank served an average of 60 households a month. During the second half of 2016, that figure more than doubled.

The need is growing so that is why we need your donations now more than ever. Call Arnold Heightland at 614-336-4330 or email him at for details on how to donate. Or you can donate here.