What We Do


The Road Home from military service is easy for some but difficult for others. Not all transitions are a smooth open road with no obstacles ahead. Some vets get lost in traffic and the wheels come off in their lives due to loss of income, disability, mental issues, substance abuse and other factors. They may become dependent on government assistance or charity from others. At Military Veterans Resource Center, our goal is to help veterans regain their self-reliance and independence.

We believe the best way to do this is to help them identify barriers they face and access the resources they need to overcome those barriers. To keep them on track each veteran we help is assigned a Veterans Services Specialist or coach who acts as a battle buddy throughout their transition. Our Veterans Services Specialists helps them come up with a self improvement plan where together they

  • Establish life goals,
  • Identify what is keeping them from achieving those goals and
  • Develop and follow through on a plan to overcome those barriers and achieve their goals.

Each veteran’s situation is unique however in our experience we have found that most struggle with:

Note: Our services are available to any veteran of the U. S. armed forces, to active duty service members and to members of the National Guard and Reserves – even if they never deployed. This is different from most organizations that serve veterans. All we ask is that your service was honorable. So when you visit us for the first time, please bring your DD-214, NGB-22 or other evidence of honorable military service.