5 Career Fair Tips to Help You Get the Job
June 6, 2017
Eyes of Freedom Memorial finishes up its 4th run at Statehouse
June 6, 2017
5 Career Fair Tips to Help You Get the Job
June 6, 2017
Eyes of Freedom Memorial finishes up its 4th run at Statehouse
June 6, 2017
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Free chiropractic care available for eligible vets


In 2002, President George Bush signed Public Law 107-135, which guarantees chiropractic treatment for all eligible VA patients. However, many veterans do not know this service is available to them, even though it has been included in their Medical Benefits Package since 2004.

Furthermore, the VA is still in the process of making this service accessible to all veterans in need. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), only 48 of 152 VA Medical Centers currently offer chiropractic care for their patients.

If you’re a veteran suffering from a musculoskeletal disorder, or pain in the muscles, joints and bones, chiropractic care may be a treatment option worth pursuing. Here’s what you need to know about chiropractic care and how to receive it.

What is chiropractic care?

As explained by the ACA, “Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and the effects of these disorders on general health.” In other words, Doctors of chiropractic (DCs) treat patients suffering from conditions related to the bones, muscles, joints and nerves. They commonly employ a method of treatment called “adjustment” or “manipulation,” which involves the application of force to joints that have limited mobility due to injured tissue. This manipulation technique restores mobility in the joint, allows the tissue to heal and relieves pain.

Most often, patients seek chiropractic care for back pain, but DCs also help patients experiencing neck pain, pain from accident or injury, muscle spasms, headaches, sciatica, pinched nerves, and problems related to the spine, bone and muscle.

Veterans in particular are at risk for these conditions due to the rigorous nature of their military duties. It’s been reported by The Seattle Times that simply walking and wearing heavy gear has caused veterans a variety of musculoskeletal injuries. According to the article by Hal Bernton, “The number of soldiers medically retired from the Army with at least one musculoskeletal condition increased nearly 10-fold from 2003 to 2009, according to Army statistics.”

How can I receive chiropractic care through the VA?

As previously stated, the law guarantees chiropractic care to all eligible veterans, but at this time, not all VA facilities are equipped to offer this service. If you feel you would benefit from chiropractic treatment, you have two options.

First, contact your VA primary care provider (PCP) and see if they provide this service on site. If they do, ask to begin the process for approval.

Second, if your PCP does not offer chiropractic care, the VA can send you to a private chiropractic clinic and cover the bill for you. This option is called “fee-basis” and will also require approval from your PCP.

The Patriot Project

While the VA has made strides in recent years to offer chiropractic treatment at more VAMCs–from 24 VAMCs in 2005 to 48 in 2013–many veterans still have limited access to care. The Patriot Project, launched in 2012 by Dr. Timothy P. Novelli, is now an option for service members and veterans in need.

The Patriot Project is a grassroots movement that provides free chiropractic care to veterans with service related disabilities, active duty service members and their families, and Gold Star dependents. The inspiration for the movement began when Novelli traveled to Texas in 2012 for a HALO For Freedom Warrior Foundation gathering and treated more than 150 military members in need of chiropractic care. He realized he could bring relief to many service members who didn’t know chiropractic was a treatment option.

On his return to North Canton, Ohio, Novelli enlisted the support of Doctors of chiropractic in the surrounding communities to provide this service to vets for free. Today, over 500 chiropractors across all 50 states are participating in the Patriot Project. Every participating chirpractor makes a pledge to treat one qualified Patriot Project patient per week. The goal is to commit 6,000 chiropractors to the cause by the end of 2015, which is the equivalent of $100,000,000 of free chiropractic treatment to America’s service members.

Find a participating chiropractor near you.

If you feel you may benefit from the services offered by The Patriot Project, call a local, participating chiropractor to discuss your eligibility and treatment options. We’ve assembled the below list of participating chiropractors near our five resource centers.


Jennifer Moeller
607 S. Hamilton Rd.
Columbus, OH 43213
Daytime Phone : 6142358199
Evening Phone : 6142358199

Erik Hensel
Active Edge Chiropractic
1156 Dublin Rd suite 102

Dr. Monica Seimer D.C.
Practice Name: Whole Health Chiropractic
Address: 3407 McDowell Rd., Grove City
State: OH
Email: wholehealthcolumbus@gmail.com
Phone: 614-991-0224

Kevin Kemp D.C.
4000 Indianola
Columbus, OH 43214
Daytime Phone : 614-573-7746
Evening Phone : 614-573-7746
Email Address : kevinrkemp@sbcglobal.net 

Dr. Justin Schaefer and Dr. Bradley Guindon
Essential Health & Wellness
1349 McNaughten Road
Columbus, OH 43232
Daytime Phone : 614-864-3888
Evening Phone : 614-537-3747
Email Address : ehwchiropractic@gmail.com


Ryan Furniss
1008 E Main St. Suite 1
Chillicothe, OH 45601
Daytime Phone : 740-637-1155
Evening Phone : 740-637-1155


DR Kent Long
4978 Northcutt Place
Dayton, OH 45414
Daytime Phone : 937-278-7246

Kent Long
4978 Northcutt Place
Dayton, OH 45414
Daytime Phone : 937-278-7246

Gregory Palkowski
Beavercreek Chiropractic Clinic
1654 Mardon Dr.

Springboro Chiropractic Center
335 North Main St. Springboro
(937) 748-0940


DR Jason Simpson
342 glessner Ave
Findlay, OH 45840
Daytime Phone : 419-424-8833
Evening Phone : 419-306-6030
Email Address : Drjason88@yahoo.com


Richard Cohen
7351 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236
Daytime Phone : 513-791-7155
Evening Phone : 513-226-5210
Email Address : spinedoc52@gmail.com

David Marcon
463 Ohio Pike Suite 104
Cincinnati, OH 45255
Email Address : drdave@marconchiropractic.com

Dr. Jeff Elwert
3328 Westbourne
Cincinnati, OH 45248
Daytime Phone : 513-922-2204
Email Address : j.elwert2@gmail.com

Dr. Darrell Homan
4380 Glen Este Withamsville Rd
Cincinnati, OH
Daytime Phone : 513-753-6325
Email Address : homanchiro@hotmail.com

Todd Elwert
5616 Cheviot Road
Cincinnati, OH 45247
Daytime Phone : 5137414700

If you’re not located near the above cities, check out this comprehensive list to find a chiropractor near you.