We provide career services to veterans who are unemployed, underemployed, interested in a career change or making the transition from military service to the civilian workplace. Veterans often have difficulty translating skills they learned in the military into skills that civilian employers want. Similarly, many employers don’t understand the qualifications a veteran may have. Our Veterans Services Specialists help bridge the gap between veterans and employers.

For veterans, our services may include:

  • Career assessment and exploration to help veterans make good career choices.
  • Training to help veterans develop work-related skills desirable to employers.
  • Licensing and certification to help veterans document their work-related skills.
  • Resume and cover letter writing to help veterans market themselves to employers.
  • Job search coaching to help veterans improve their job search effectiveness.
  • Interview coaching to help veterans prepare for employment interviews.
  • Referral to veteran, government or social service organizations for additional assistance.

For employers, our services may include:

  • Career fairs that match veteran-friendly employers with ready-to-interview veterans.
  • Private hiring events, essentially career fairs for 1-3 companies at a time.
  • Hiring partnerships with employers that use a single point of contact to share information about job openings and applicants who are veterans.
  • Guest speakers to provide information about veteran-related topics to employers or company support groups.