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June 7, 2017
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June 7, 2017
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Congratulations Forrest Everhart Memorial Open Winners!


Over the weekend, local golfers throughout Chillicothe came together to play in Military Veterans Resource Center’s (MVRC) 2016 Forrest Everhart Memorial Open.

Held at the Forrest Everhart Memorial Golf Course on the Chillicothe VA campus, we’ve made the tournament an annual tradition as a way to honor the legacy of World War II Medal of Honor recipient for whom the golf course is named, Forrest E. Everhart. Although 2016 marks the second year we’ve hosted the Forrest Everhart Memorial Open, the golf course has been serving the Southern Ohio community and its veterans since 1959.

“Forrest Everhart was born on August 28 and died on August 30. We thought having this tournament in August and making it an annual event would be a great way to share his legacy with the community,” said MVRC Executive Director Len Proper.

The Forrest Everhart Memorial Open kicked off bright and early Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m., with 19 players competing for cash prizes and the tournament trophy. According to Golf Course Manager Randy Post, the Forrest Everhart Memorial Golf Course is the only course in Ross County to host an individual tournament, making the game high pressure.

“In tournaments like this, the pressure can get really high and there’s no telling who’s going to win,” said Post. “Even your most consistent players can crack under pressure.”

By 2:30 p.m. the results were in. Jim Kellough, a Forrest Everhart Memorial Golf Course volunteer and Senior League member, came in first place and won the $500 prize, with a three-way tie for second place between Dr. Tom Lewis, Duane Irvin I and his son, Duane Irvin II. All three agreed to evenly divide the second and third place winnings.

“When he won, Jim told his grandson he would take him to the toy store to pick out any toy he wanted. The only thing his grandson picked was a $5 toy,” said Post.

Presenting the Forrest Everhart Memorial Open trophy to Kellough was Forrest Everhart’s cousin and Bainbridge resident Gary Davis.

“Other than having a good time, the reason we’re here today is to not forget what Forrest Everhart did,” said Davis as he handed the award to Kellough. “He’s been my personal hero.”

Congratuations to the 2016 Forrest Everhart Memorial Open winnders! We hope to see you again next year!

2016 Forrest Everhart Memorial Open Winners
1st Place – Jim Kellough
2nd Place – Dr. Tom Lewis, Duane Irvin I, Duane Irvin II

Skill Prize Winners
Hole 1 – Roger Johnson Sponsor: Chillicothe Paints
Hole 2 – Bryan Wiget Sponsor: Napa Auto Parts
Hole 3 – Duane Irvin II Sponsor: R&J Engraving
Hole 4 – Tom Abruzzino Sponsor: Chillicothe Signs & Screen Printing
Hole 5 – Dr. Tom Lewis Sponsor: Steve Lewis
Hole 6 – Bryan Wiget Sponsor: Ritchie’s Meats
Hole 7 – Steve Lewis, Sr. Sponsor: Mike Eberts
Hole 8 – Mike Herns Sponsor: Howler’s Funeral Home
Hole 9 – Mike Holz Sponsor: Ray Pryor
Hole 10 – Nick Pryor Sponsor: Reese Smith
Hole 11 – Steve Lewis, Jr. Sponsor: Cline Energy
Hole 12 – Duane Irvin I Sponsor: Jim Thomas
Hole 13 – Jim Kellough Sponsor: R&J Engraving
Hole 14 – Jim Kellough Sponsor: Senior Golf League
Hole 15 – Mike Herns Sponsor: Nesser Roofing
Hole 16 – Dr. Tom Lewis Sponsor: Dennis Simpson
Hole 17 – Jon Smith Sponsor: Reese Smith