February 1, 2018

New Year, New Career job fair a success

  Many of the 150 veterans who attended the New Year, New Career job fair on Jan. 18 left with new contacts, job leads and in some cases, interviews. In its fifth year, more than 40 employers representing a wide variety of industries participated in the fair. “Military career fairs re a great opportunity for veteran job seekers,” said Kelley Koons, veterans services specialist for Military Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) and fair organizer. “They give veterans a chance to meet employers who value their and give them an edge over others during the hiring process,” Koons added. Employers were just as pleased as the job seekers who attended the fair. Dee Terrie from Caterpillar said that they scheduled 17 interviews at the fair. Ten of those interviewed moved on to second interviews and four have already started working. Terrie added that she was pleased with the applicants from the job fair and looks forward to participating again next year.
January 26, 2018

Free income tax filing assistance for veterans

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jan. 26, 2018) – Military Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) is partnering with the Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB) and the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program (VITA) to offer free income tax filing assistance to military veterans and their spouses. Veterans and their spouses will need to bring a valid photo ID, their DD-214 (or other evidence of military service), and their income tax records. Social Security cards are required for all dependents, including children. The new IRS identification requirements is to help keep identity theft at a minimum. A pre-appointment information form is required to be filled out and brought to the filing appointment. Those who do not bring the necessary documentation will not be able to file. A full list of all required documents is available here. Those filers who are claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit and/or are claiming child dependents may experience a delay in their refunds this year. Those forms are expected to be processed near the middle of February 2018. Appointments are available at the Columbus office on Tuesdays and Thursdays until April 18. Contact Doug Schultz at 614-636-4362 or doug.schultz@milvetsrc.org to make an appointment. The Columbus office is located at 1395 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., Suite 350. The Ohio Benefit Bank is a program of the Ohio Association of Food Banks. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) grant program is an IRS initiative designed to support free tax preparation service for the underserved through various partner organizations. This service helps low- to moderate-income […]
January 26, 2018

Teens stand at high risk of gambling addiction

By Bruce Jones LSW, LCDC III, NCGC I, OCPSA One More Chance Administrative Coordinator Most people see the stereotypical “gambling addict” as a middle-aged (or older) woman or man relentlessly feeding coins into a casino slot machine for hours on end, day after day, ignoring their spouse, losing their job and blowing their retirement savings. But today about one in eight of the eight million compulsive gamblers in the U.S. are teenagers. And several gambling experts believe this group represents the fastest-growing segment of people hooked on betting. Many of the triggers that incite out-of-control gambling in adults have the same effect on teens, such as the “rush” of the game, the false belief that “the big one” will happen any second and the insanity of continuing to wager even when losing big. But teens face some unique risk factors too. They: …spend a lot of time alone or online. Many live in virtual worlds playing games or talking with friends so solitary activities seem normal. …have more free time and are more easily bored. School or work isn’t as time-intensive or as demanding as adult careers and family obligations. …lack the experience and maturity to fully understand how to handle money responsibly. Just as is true with other high-risk behaviors, their brains have not matured completely. They don’t completely comprehend what consequences may flow from their behavior and choices – making them even more vulnerable to addiction disorders. In most states, teenagers cannot bet in casinos or buy lottery […]
January 24, 2018

Goodwill looking for security officers for Ohio BWC

Goodwill Columbus has several security openings at the Bureau of Workers Compensation building downtown (corner of Spring and High). Starting pay is $13 per hour, with increases after training. Mandatory overtime, benefits, uniforms provided. Promotion opportunities are available as well. Goodwill is interested specifically in hiring veterans. There are five positions on three shifts available: Please note, when clicking on each link to the specific position, you will be asked to create a jobseeker account before being able to view the details. Security Officer (Wednesday-Sunday 10p-6a, Monday & Tuesday off, mandatory overtime.) Security Officer (Thursday-Monday 2p-10p ** mandatory overtime**) Security Officer (Monday-Friday 2pm-10pm) About Goodwill Columbus: http://www.goodwillcolumbus.org/about-us/careers/
January 22, 2018

What a government shutdown means to you and your VA benefits

The VA has pursued a comprehensive approach to diminish the impact of a partial or full government shutdown on veterans and their family members. In general federal activities that are authorized to continue during a funding lapse, are excepted activities. The two main categories of excepted activities are those authorized by law, and those involving the safety of human life or the protection of property.  Below are the functions and programs the VA has identified to be legally excepted during a shut down. These essential services include providing: consistent, high quality medical care; compensation and pension benefits; housing; and other services. Basically this means the following: The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) will be fully funded, meaning all VA clinics, CBOCs and hospitals will continue to function as normal to include: Medical services, medical community care, medical support and medical and prosthetic research. The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) will be suspending all outreach, the GI Bill call center, all public contact activities, all appeals, pre-discharge activities, transition assistance, Chapter 36 counseling, Vet Success on college campuses and quality assurance programs. The VBA WILL continue the following services: Administer the insurance and Loan Guaranty programs, ongoing processing and payment of compensation, pension, education, and vocational rehabilitation benefits; and processing monthly benefit payments. The Bureau of Veterans Appeals (BVA) will stop processing ALL claims appeals. The National Cemetery Administration (NCA) will cease all activities during the shut down. The VA’s Office of the Inspector General will cease all activities during the shut down. […]
January 17, 2018

How to make the most of your experience at the New Year, New Career military job fair

Going to a career fair doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you prepare well for it. A military-focused career fair like New Year, New Career should be looked at as an opportunity and not a chore. If anything, it is good practice for interviews you will be participating in down the road. Even if you are happy where you are at professionally or you are in school, networking now could prove invaluable in the future. According to a report from ABC News, 80% of today’s jobs are landed through networking. Also with more and more veterans getting out of the military than ever before, the competition for openings that military-friendly employers are offering is fierce. So, how do you stand out among all the other similarly-trained military veterans? You must learn how to sell yourself by crafting your own ‘brand’, and then selling that brand effectively using tools like creative resumes, video cover letters, stellar portfolios and impactful elevator pitches. A job fair purpose is not to land a job on the spot but to get your foot in the door. Getting an interview or some other type of follow-up action on behalf of the employer is a successful outcome from events such as this. Most jobs fairs publish a list of participating employers a week to a few days before the event. Our list can be found here. Try to do as much research as you can on the employers you are interested in. A good place to get […]
December 21, 2017
Shoe drop off

Making a difference one pair of shoes at a time

There is nothing like the feeling you get when you put on a nice, comfortable pair of shoes. But what if you did not have the resources to keep good shoes on your feet, especially during the cold winter months? A good and sturdy pair of shoes are a means to living a better life.  Especially for veterans living without a means of transportation except their own two feet. Thanks to a new partnership with The Shoe Project, Military Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) will be able to provide sturdy shoes to hundreds of veterans and their families now and into the future. From what started as a failed business attempt, then later a hobby of sorts, blossomed into something special for the Hamilton teen who started the venture five years ago. John Ferguson, 17, a recent graduate of Lakota East High School in Hamilton, started collecting shoes and shipping or hand-delivering them to people around the world when he was 12-years old. The Shoe Project, which started in his family’s garage is now an international nonprofit with an army of over 500 volunteers in 50 countries that has helped more than 15,000 people around the world to date. John Ferguson handed off local operations to Lakota East High School’s AP Government class, taught by Tisha Grote. Outreach is being handled by his father, Andrew, as John is headed off to study at Harvard next fall after completing a year with the U.S. State Department in China. John Ferguson is backed […]
December 14, 2017

Thriving through the holidays

Ryan Sargent Warm homes, big dinners, reconnecting with friends and family. The holiday season has the potential to bring joy and heart-warming memories. While we were growing up, we were exposed to traditions and ways of celebration and connection. If those experiences were warm, loving, and supportive, then the holidays can be a wonderful time to deepen our gratitude for the selfless gifts of love we’ve received, to continue traditions, and create some of our own.   If those experiences weren’t all that great, this time of year can stand to be a stark reminder of what was missing in our past, and perhaps what’s still missing today. If we’ve experienced loss, our grief can be compounded during this time. If our family relationships are strained, our stress levels can skyrocket with the thought of seeing certain people.  Whether our holiday season is a scene from a Hallmark movie or a Stephen King novel (or somewhere in between), being intentional and prior planning can ensure that we not only survive the holidays but continue to thrive. Below are a few tips to practice healthy behaviors and decision making through the holiday season:   Not Everyone Will Be Happy: We can’t make everyone happy. Even our best efforts can leave someone upset. Define some personal boundaries and honor them. Pace yourself. Make a road map of events and activities you’ll be participating in – only do what you want to do, and be honest with others about your plan. What do you […]
December 7, 2017

Military Veterans Resource Center to host holiday appreciation event on Dec. 12

HAMILTON, Ohio (Dec. 6, 2017) – Military Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) will host an Holiday Appreciation event on Tuesday, Dec. 12 for MVRC veteran clients and community partners. The event is being held in appreciation of local veterans helped by the center and as a thank you to the Hamilton community partners for supporting MVRC this year. Veterans Services Specialist Dan Dunaway will have snacks, special treats, tours, festive entertainment and more. The event will be at the Hamilton resource center, located at 633 High St., Ste. 101 from noon until 4 p.m. Representatives of the East Lakota High School AP Government class who have donated more than 400 pairs of new shoes since October will be on hand as well. Their project was started by John Ferguson a few years ago. The shoes are worth from $50 to over $150. More details can be found at www.TheShoeProject.org. For more information about Military Veterans Resource Center or the open house, contact Dan Dunaway at 513-252-2395. Military Veterans Resource Center is a non-profit organization that helps veterans develop self-reliance and independence by providing access to the resources they need to successfully manage their lives. The organization is based in Columbus and operates four centers throughout Ohio. ###
December 7, 2017

Military Veterans Resource Center’s fifth annual career fair will feature Dayton’s top military friendly employers

DAYTON, Ohio (Dec. 8, 2017) – Military Veterans Resource Center invites all job seeking veterans to attend the fifth annual “New Year, New Career,” military career fair, on Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018. The career fair is free of charge for attendees and will feature more than 40 of Miami Valley’s top employers. The event will take place at the Hope Hotel & Richard C. Holbrooke Conference Center, located at 10823 Chidlaw Road adjacent to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. “Companies across industries will be looking for qualified veterans to fill immediate openings,” said Len Proper, executive director of Military Veterans Resource Center. “Last year, more than 100 military job seekers attended. “Many received interview invitations on the spot and were quickly hired.” Participants should bring their resume and be prepared to speak with potential employers about their skill sets and experiences. Professionals will also be on hand to review resumes and help attendees with their interview skills. Veterans interested in attending the career fair can pre-register by contacting Kelley Koons at 937-329-9559. Military Veterans Resource Center is a non-profit organization that helps veterans develop self-reliance and independence by providing access to the resources they need to successfully manage their lives. The organization is based in Columbus and operates four centers throughout Ohio. ###
November 24, 2017

Help! My Loved One Might Need Help

Approaching delicate subjects with friends and loved ones can be awkward. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s choosing a restaurant, who’s hosting Christmas dinner, or any number of everyday topics that we navigate with others. But, what happens when we notice a sudden change in mood or someone close to us starts making risky decisions, or begins to question their will to live? Discussing the mental health of those around us can seem like taboo for sure. Part of the stigma surrounding mental health can include our own comfort levels of approaching the topic, and maybe also questioning our skills or qualifications to even bring it up with others. Just like physical illness, mental illness can have warning signs and is just as treatable. We can support those who are suffering invisibly the same way we can support those trying to watch their diet. When approaching out of care and concern for the other, while offering appropriate support, we can serve as a catalyst that could result in a changed life – or could even save a life. Being the one to bring up the topic is tough, but the reward can be well worth the risk. There are books and articles that can help educate you on how to broach the topic, and how to support loved ones long-term. Here are a few signs and tools that can help with the conversation:  (from PsychCentral) Warning signs that a loved one might need help These would all include changes […]
November 17, 2017

Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs to hold hearing in Columbus Nov. 21

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) announced today (Nov. 17) that he is bringing the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs to Ohio for a special hearing on Tuesday, Nov. 21 at the main branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library starting at 1:15 p.m. Brown is asking for input from Ohio veterans on issues affecting them. “Ohio veterans served their nation honorably, and they deserve the highest quality of support in return,” Brown said. “By hearing from veterans in their own communities, the Committee can better understand what is working well and what challenges still confront our veterans today,” he added. Several representatives from the VA and other veteran organizations have been invited to participate to include:  Chip Tansill, director of the Ohio Department of Veterans Services (ODVS), Keith Harman, commander-in-chief of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Ronald Burke, assistant deputy under secretary for field operations, Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), Robert Worley, director of education service, VBA,  Robert McDivitt, director of Veterans Integrated Service Network 10, Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and Dr. Kameron Matthews, deputy executive director, Provider Relations and Services, VHA. The Columbus Metropolitan Library is located at 96 South Grant Ave. in downtown Columbus.