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November 24, 2017
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Healthy Habits

By: Kelley Koons

A few weeks ago a friend of mine said something that really resonated with me, which leads me into the first edition of Healthy Habits. We were talking about our health, wellness, and fitness when my friend said, “I’m starting my health and fitness journey now, so I can be ahead of the game and go into 2018 feeling great!”

I realized at that moment how many people use the holidays as a scapegoat to put off health and wellness. November and December are filled with giving, so many of us become consumed with that tradition, that we forget about self care- mentally, physically, and nutritionally. When January rolls around, the gyms are so crowded, people get frustrated or discouraged waiting on a piece of equipment to become available. They almost set themselves up for failure, and the January rush can make a health journey all the more intimidating for a beginner or someone who wants to get back into it.

Often times you’ll see the gym crowd or the supplement isle at the grocery store die down late January or early February. Much of this is due to crash dieting, over-training, or in general, over doing it. This can lead to quick burn out, fatigue, low energy, high blood pressure, and injury. By starting off slow, retraining yourself on fundamentals and gradually moving in the right direction with nutrition and workouts you’ll be much more likely to be successful. If you have a goal of improving your health and fitness this year, I highly recommend going back to the fundamentals- beginner or not. Figure out what it means to be fit and healthy to you as an individual- as everyone is different. SMART goals are a great place to start (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely). Once you can identify areas for improvement and reasonable goals to match you can formulate a plan. Keep in mind health is holistic and you may not chose to focus on fitness or nutrition; ones problem areas may lie in mental or environmental. Regardless – start today, don’t wait until January.