May 27, 2017

What does Memorial Day mean to you?

Before you settle into your picnics, parties, camping, swimming at the local pool, cookouts and snatching as much candy as you can at your local parade, try to stop and think a moment of what the upcoming holiday really means to you. As a 25-year veteran of the Air Force and a military spouse, I know what Memorial Day means to me. Memorial Day weekend is chatting with one of my best friends online who is deployed right now. It’s helping another battle buddy of mine with tips as she transitions out of the Air Force. And the most rewarding part of the weekend is the opportunity to give back by volunteering with my kids at Westerville’s Field of Heroes. In case you don’t know what the Field of Heroes is, its a display of more than 3,000 full-sized American flags placed in rows in the large green field across from the Westerville Community Center. Each year a special part of the field is set up to honor a specific veteran population. Three years ago the field honored Korean Veterans, two years ago the honorees were OIF/OEF veterans and last year the field honored female veterans. This year we are honoring those who are POW/MIA. We have been doing it every year since 2009. It’s a chance to show my kids what dedication, honor, and respect are. And it’s a chance to help bridge the military-civilian divide. According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs website, Memorial Day is defined […]
May 15, 2017

MVRC Launches “Operation: Tools for School” Program

8/13/14 On Tuesday, August 12, Military Veterans Resource Center launched its Operation: Tools for School program to assist veterans and their families in need of supplies for their school-bound children. This is the first year MVRC has implemented this program and has plans to make it an annual event in support of Ohio’s military families. All veterans, military members, and spouses are eligible for this assistance when proof of service is presented to Military Veterans Resource Center between August 12, 2014 and September 15, 2014. Veterans are encouraged to contact their nearest MVRC career specialist or to call 614-230-0662 to identify their child’s specific school needs and receive a gift card. MVRC’s six resource centers in Columbus, Chillicothe, Dayton, Findlay, Hamilton, and Springfield will also be accepting donations in support of the Operation: Tools for School initiative. Acceptable donations are new items for kids entering grades kindergarten through twelfth including backpacks, art supplies, binders, folders, calculators, and more. Monetary donations for this cause are also accepted.
May 15, 2017

Why Job Seeking Veterans Should Attend Career Fairs

8/13/14 Job seekers will do whatever it takes to find meaningful employment with a decent salary–except attend the career fair hitting town this weekend. Or the weekend after that. Despite their rise in popularity among employers, career fairs have been written off by many job seekers as a waste of valuable time. Why spend half the day in line waiting to network with employers, only to be directed to the company’s online application? No doubt, career fairs can be frustrating and seemingly pointless experiences. However, job seekers receive many advantages by attending, even if they leave without any interview offers. If you’re a veteran in the market for a new career, think twice about that job fair coming to town. The following list identifies the not-so-obvious benefits you could gain by attending: 1. Networking opportunities It’s common knowledge that job fairs are great opportunities to network with professionals in your field of interest (even if you have to wait in line to meet them). In fact, they’re probably the most straightforward type of networking event: you’re there either looking to hire or get hired. What’s less obvious is that you should be networking with the other job seekers, especially those who share your career interests. They may have insights into companies you’re unfamiliar with, know of other job openings, or may even connect you with helpful contacts. If you’re switching career fields or have just separated from the military, other job seekers with industry experience may give useful advice on […]
May 15, 2017

How to Send a Professional Email

8/8/14 During the job search, it’s common practice to focus on crafting perfect resumes and cover letters. But when it comes down to landing the job, there’s  much more work to be done. In addition to practicing answering interview questions and keeping your composure, how you communicate online is important to broadcasting your personal brand and professional image to employers. It may seem silly, but it’s vital to capture the proper tone and write in an appropriate format when sending emails, even if they’re for something simple like double-checking your interview time. Recruiters are looking to see that you are a professional and proficient applicant in all areas. A recruiter may contact you first by email in order to confirm your application and to schedule an interview. While you have already secured the interview, how you respond and converse online may prove to be an important factor if it ends up being a decision between you and another candidate. Before you even start writing your response, make sure you have these items: An appropriate email address While it sounds simple, many candidates make their first mistake by having old and inappropriate email names from their youth. While it’s fine to have one for retail accounts and other information, it’s necessary to invest in a professional personal email account. It’s best to do a combination of your first name and last name, or first initial and last name. If you have a common name, consider integrating your middle initial. For example: […]
May 15, 2017

Feed Ohio Vets: Food Drive Supporting Veterans in Need

8/5/14 Starting Saturday, Aug. 23, Military Veterans Resource Center is participating in the statewide volunteer initiative, Feed OHIO, to help provide necessary food items to veterans in need. Feed OHIO  is a volunteer effort that will take place for three weeks, from Aug. 23 to Sept. 13 and is timed to coincide with the National Day of Service on Sept. 11, 2014. This annual drive  marks the second year of the humanitarian effort to provide food assistance to those in the State of Ohio that need help. Military Veterans Resource Center is using the event as an opportunity to gather canned and non-perishable items to fill their food bank that provides food to veterans who are struggling to provide for themselves and their families during periods of unemployment or career transition. Military Veterans Resource Center will have donation boxes at familiar drop-off locations throughout the state, plus in each of its six resource centers in Columbus, Chillicothe, Dayton, Findlay, Hamilton and Springfield. Acceptable items include canned and boxed food items, as well as any other shelf-stable products, including personal care items. Those interested in donating at their local drop off station should contact their nearest career specialist for further information regarding the nearest drop off locations.
May 15, 2017

How to Plan Your Vacation Using Military Discounts

8/4/14   Finances are often tight during the job search, and if you’re a veteran going through a career transition, it’s natural to feel suffocated during the process. Regardless of the size of your household, the strain of unemployment can create heightened stress and eliminate extra spending money. Especially if you have young children at home, you may feel guilty for not being able to treat them as often, go on family vacations, or even short day trips. Partaking in fun, stress-alleviating vacations, or even mini-vacations is a necessity to maintaining your health and well-being, and it doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. Many local (and national) attractions, museums, tours and more offer military discounts, and they are often easy to take advantage of. There are countless deals available for a wide variety of items, ranging from airfare to clothing. Many local attractions and destinations also have discounts, but may not advertise them as heavily as larger companies. If you don’t see anything featured online, it never hurts to call and ask, as many places can be quite accommodating. This post serves as an unofficial travel guide to help guide you toward the resources necessary to plan a fun, and affordable vacation! Planning Your Next Vacation Restaurants: A common budget buster is trying to find a decent place to get a meal, without spending an outrageous amount of money. This military discounts website features a lengthy list of restaurants ranging from fast-food to sit-down dining. The list is […]
May 15, 2017

How to Keep a Workout Routine after the Military

7/31/14 Recently, VetTalk featured an article exploring the important health benefits veterans receive when adopting an exercise routine. The gist is that with regular exercise, not only will you manage your weight better, but you’ll have more energy, feel motivated and reduce your risk for certain long-term health complications. If you’re a veteran, more than likely your fitness was a top priority when you served, and you gained these important health benefits. However, many separating military members struggle to keep an exercise routine because new obligations compete for their time and energy. Suddenly, their days are filled with applying for jobs, going to school, supporting the family, or adjusting to a new career. The only way your fitness will remain a priority post-service is if you choose to keep it that way. It may not be easy, but it’s possible, and most of all, it’s important to your health. The key is to develop a routine that complements your new lifestyle–here’s how you do it: 1. Establish a Routine that Fits Your Schedule Think about your weekly schedule and what you have to accomplish each day. You may have days filled with errands, meetings, and the kids’ activities. These are probably bad days to work out, right? Not so. Working out can be a source of dread for those just starting up a routine. By making a trip to the gym just another stop in your day, you can focus on other things until it’s time to hit the treadmill. […]
May 15, 2017

How The Post 9/11 GI Bill Can Benefit You: Part 2

7/28/14 In the first post of this series, How The Post 9/11 GI Bill Can Benefit You, the bill was summarized in simple terms and the benefits were outlined. This second installment on the GI Bills serves to provide other options in addition to the Post 9/11 GI Bill for pursuing your education, and offers additional resources, funding, and explains the process of transferring your benefits. Other GI Bills: While the Post 9/11 GI Bill is the most recent, depending on when you enlisted, you may have some decisions to make regarding which GI Bill you choose in your quest to continue your education. If you enlisted before the year 2008, you are most likely signed under the Active Duty Montgomery GI Bill (ADMGIB), or the Selected Reserve GI Bill (SRMGIB). There are several factors to consider before deciding to switch to the Post 9/11 GI Bill, because for some areas of education, the other bills provide greater benefits. As explained in the Dummies Guide to Veterans Benefits, the Post 9/11 GI Bill is applicable only to those wanting to attend schools in the United States that are able to grant an associate’s degree or higher, and cannot be used to compensate for overseas college educations, apprenticeships, or on-the-job training programs. Such programs are covered under the Active Duty Montgomery GI Bill (ADMGIB) and the Selected Reserve GI Bill (SRMGIB). A student must determine which program they are interested in pursuing, and what degree they wish to attain, in order […]
May 14, 2017

Which Social Media Platform is Right for You?

6/22/14 As a job searching veteran, it can be difficult to know how to even get started, especially since  the job hunt today  is constantly transforming. With the advent of social media, job searching has changed drastically. You can no longer rely solely on a strong resume and cover letter, but must also have a strong online presence. According to Social Media Today, 93% of job recruiters are currently using LinkedIn (a professional platform explained in one of our earlier blog posts). The article states that one in ten young job hunters are rejected by companies because of their social media presence. It’s important to clean up your communication on all levels, not just in traditionally professional job settings. From Facebook and LinkedIn, to the more niche sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest, it can be hard to decide where you should invest the most time in developing your professional image. This post will cover the three most widely used social media networking sites for finding jobs, and will provide tips on how to translate your personal brand across all online platforms. LinkedIn is often the first professional networking site that people tend to think of. However, it’s not enough to just have a profile and a few connections. To be a competitive job seeker on LinkedIn, it’s important to engage as much as possible. It’s different from Facebook in that the contact and communication should be kept on a more professional and field-focused level, but you can still interact […]
May 14, 2017

MVRC Staff Gathers for Monthly Training at Columbus Headquarters

6/20/14 On June 17th and 18th, Military Veterans Resource Center held its monthly training session for all career specialists and administrative staff. The training sessions feature informative sessions on key career and operational issues, and bring together the career specialists from the surrounding five resource centers in the state. This month, several speakers from outside organizations were invited, including Jason DiGiannantoni from the VA OEF/OIF/OND Outreach Center, Angela Dyer from Family Readiness and Warrior Support and Lori Varn from the Volunteers of America. Each speaker was brought in to help further educate and inform the staff on specific topics, and to provide information on local resources. MVRC career specialist, Dennis Lambert, also gave a presentation on how to correctly read and interpret DD-214’s for those who might have needed a refresher. The two-day training session ended in the second ever meeting of the Wind Talkers, MVRC’s professional speaking club. Each staff member had been given the assignment the previous training session to prepare and present a 4-6 minute ice breaker speech to the group. Not only was the activity informative, but provided much needed laughter, fun and camaraderie as a finale to the training session.
May 14, 2017

Military Veterans Resource Center To Host Veterans Career Workshop

6/11/14 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE COLUMBUS, Ohio (June 11, 2014)–Military Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) invites all veterans looking for a new career to attend our free Veterans Career Workshop on Tuesday, June 24. This career workshop will take place at MVRC Headquarters, located at 1395 E. Dublin-Granville Rd., Ste. 350. It will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and lunch will be provided. Veterans interested in attending the Veterans Career Workshop must pre-register by contacting career specialist Velecia Luckette at 614-636-4622, or The workshop is limited to 12 participants. Interested veterans should call today to be sure of a seat. This personalized, interactive workshop is designed to improve veterans’ job search skills and help them become more competitive job candidates. MVRC career specialists will work with veterans one-on-one and will provide individual career assessments, teach cover letter and resume writing, and conduct mock interviews. If veterans have a resume, they should bring it, as they will spend time revising their current resume or writing a new one. Military Veterans Resource Center is a non-profit organization that provides personalized career services to veterans who served honorably. MVRC works with veterans one-on-one to identify the obstacles preventing them from gaining employment and helps them access the resources to overcome those obstacles. MVRC is based in Columbus, Ohio and operates seven centers throughout the state of Ohio. For additional information, please visit  ### Contact: Abby Reynolds Military Veterans Resource Center 614-230-0662 x 103
May 14, 2017

Eating Well During the Job Search

6/13/14 If you’re currently job searching, you probably don’t have a lot of time or energy to devote to other things, least of all shopping for and cooking a healthy meal. Proper nutrition is something that most Americans struggle with, but it can be especially daunting for transitioning veterans. If you have just returned from duty, you may be accustomed to a certain exercise regime that requires the consumption of high-calorie foods. However, once you return to the civilian lifestyle, those previous eating habits may not fit your new routine. Healthy eating comes with a lot of potential challenges, the two biggest ones being that it can be a little more expensive and that it takes much more time to prepare. This article serves to provide you with some tips and hints of how to eat in a convenient and nutritional manner, without feeling like you’re on a diet. Shop local: Not only will you be supporting your local economy, but farmer’s markets are a great way to find fresh and seasonal produce at a low price, often cheaper than a regular grocery store or super market. You can also find freshly baked breads, jams, salsa and all kinds of other homemade treats. The only drawback to shopping at farmer’s markets is that because the ingredients are so fresh, they often need to be consumed within a week or two of being purchased. To explore a farmer’s market in your area, check out this handy website that can help you […]