January 24, 2014

Nine Reasons Why a Company May Not Hire a Vet

This is an edited article from Business Insider that discusses how veterans shoot themselves in the foot when applying for jobs in the civilian sector. You could replace “veteran” with “recent college graduate” and much of this would still apply. —– Those of us in the hiring and recruiting business know that sometimes it’s a great business decision to hire a military professional. Often, though, many don’t. Why? Because they’re just not the right fit. The irony is that many veterans and service members have the skills and experience to make the cut, but blow it. As a military candidate recruiter, I see consistent themes in why military professionals don’t get the job. Here are nine reasons why you may not get hired: 1.    You Can’t (or Won’t) Accept That You’re Starting Over Let’s suppose that after graduating from college, I went to work for a well-known defense contractors. During the course of my 20+ year career at that company, I have been successful and was promoted to the position of Program Manager, frequently working with the military. However, there isn’t any opportunity for further advancement so I decide it’s time to leave the company. I’ve worked with the military, so I decide I want to join its ranks. Because of my previous experience with managing multi-million dollar budgets and hundreds of personnel, I feel I’m the equivalent of a Commanding Officer or Senior Enlisted Leader. When I talk to a recruiter about my level of entry, what would […]