Veterans Resources

Career Specialists help veterans find and get training to help veterans develop work-related skills desirable to employers.When visiting Military Veterans Resource Center for the first time, each veteran is paired with a Veterans Services Specialist who helps them create their career goals, identify the barriers that are getting in the way and develop a career plan to overcome those barriers.

We understand many factors can disrupt a strong and healthy home life, or prevent a veteran from obtaining or keeping gainful employment. Together, the Veterans Services Specialist and the veteran identify the obstacles and decide what resources to access that will best help the veteran, or the veteran’s family, succeed. Our staff can work with veterans to overcome the following barriers:

  • Mental or Physical Health Concerns
  • Housing Issues
  • Legal Issues
  • Employment Issues
  • Lack of Training or Education
  • Transportation Issues
  • Financial Hardships
  • Family Issues
  • Emotional or Spiritual Issues

All veterans and service members who served our nation honorably are eligible for our services. On their first visit to a resource center, veterans are asked to provide proof of honorable military service. Please view our different locations to find a career specialist near you.

Career Services
Career Specialist working with Veteran to improve resume.Military Veterans Resource Center provides career services to veterans who are unemployed or underemployed, looking to make a career change, or transitioning to the civilian workplace. In many cases, our clients possess great skills and experiences that make them competitive job candidates, but they need help communicating their skills to employers. Likewise, civilian employers often have had limited exposure to military culture, and therefore, misunderstand the veteran’s qualifications. Our Veterans Services Specialists work with veterans to expand upon their skills and develop their communication style so they are ready to interview with employers and start their new careers. We offer the following resources to job seeking veterans:

  • Career assessment and exploration to help veterans make good career choices
  • Training to help veterans develop work-related skills desirable to employers
  • Licensing, certification, and testing assistance to help veterans document their work-related skills
  • Resume writing to help veterans market themselves to employers
  • Job search coaching to help veterans improve their job search effectiveness
  • Interview coaching to help veterans prepare for employment interviews
  • Clothing services for veterans who need professional clothing
  • Job placement services to help veterans find jobs with veteran-friendly employers
  • Referral to veteran, government or social service organizations for additional assistance

Our services are always FREE for veterans. Depending on the individual situations, we also may pay for licenses and certifications, and assist with the purchase of employer required tools and safety equipment. There are times, however, when the veteran may be expected to contribute their own money. This often occurs in situations where another organization requires a co-pay.

Transportation Services
Veterans-Transportation-01For some veterans, the cost of traveling to and from work can prove a major barrier to finding and maintaining a job. Until the paychecks start coming in, we can offer clients bus passes and gas vouchers to ease work-related travel costs. In order to be approved for transportation assistance, the veteran must already have a job, or he or she must demonstrate they are committed to finding employment. Veterans who need help making a medical or social service appointment will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Food Services
Veterans-Food-Bank-01Military Veterans Resource Center operates an emergency food bank for veterans who need help purchasing food for themselves and their families. Depending on the need, we can provide food that will last up to a five day period. A Veterans Services Specialist may also refer a veteran to a partner organization that provides donated food items to veterans in need.

Health Services
sphygmomanometer and stethoscopeWe understand that many veterans suffer from physical and mental health complications that may affect their ability to secure a job and lead a full life. If a veteran and his or her Veterans Services Specialist feel the vet would benefit from professional health services, we can refer the veteran to one of our partner organizations that offers counseling and medical help options to veterans.

Housing Services
Career Specialists will work with veterans and help them identify their exact housing-related needs.Many veterans need assistance obtaining secure housing before they can focus on the job search. Our staff will work with veterans and help them identify their exact housing-related needs. We may provide direct financial assistance, or connect the veteran with a partner organization that is equipped to help homeless veterans find housing.

Legal Services
Veterans-Legal-01Military Veterans Resource Center encourages veterans experiencing legal issues to connect with one of our Veterans Services Specialists. We can help determine which of our partner organizations will provide the veteran with the proper assistance his or her situation requires.
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