Veterans Family Resources

Military Veterans Resource Center is here to help Veterans and their families.At Military Veterans Resource Center, we believe helping veterans find employment will build upon their self-reliance and help make their families stronger. In some cases, however, providing the family with resources to succeed is needed before the veteran can focus on finding gainful employment.

Veterans and their families experiencing any form of distress are encouraged to contact us today. Our Veterans Services Specialists will help the family identify the issues disrupting their home life and decide what resources to access that will best help the family succeed. We can work with veterans and their families to overcome the following barriers:

  • Distress due to the military member’s deployment
  • Distress due to the military member’s struggle with PTSD
  • Financial stress
  • Inadequate housing
  • Lack of childcare services
  • Lack of reliable transportation
  • Lack of food, clothing, school supplies, essential household items, etc.