Our Services

Veteran with personal coachAt Military Veterans Resource Center, our goal is to improve the quality of our veterans' lives. We believe the best way to do this is to provide personalized services that address a veteran's specific needs. Whether the need is employment, housing, food, or transportation, we have a team of Veterans Services Specialists who can help veterans access the resources to overcome their periods of transition. Currently, we operate four resource centers in Ohio, located in Columbus, Chillicothe, Dayton and Hamilton. If you are a veteran experiencing unemployment, homelessness, or any form of distress, we encourage you to connect with one of our centers today. Visit our Veterans Resources page to learn more.

We also extend our services to veterans' families. If a spouse needs job search assistance, our staff can help them write a professional resume, or connect them with a military friendly employer. If a vet needs help providing food for the family, we can supply them with enough food for up to a three day period. For a complete list of services we offer military families, visit our Family Resources page.

All veterans and military service members who served our nation honorably and their families are eligible for our services. On their first visit to a resource center, veterans are asked to provide proof of honorable military service. Please visit our Locations page to find a resource center near you.

We also provide services to employers who are in the business of hiring veterans. If you are an employer interested in hiring veterans, we would like to partner with you and match you with qualified veteran candidates. Visit our Employer Resources page to view the ways we help military friendly employers.

Downloadable PDF Services Flyers
Click on the cities below to view and download a PDF Services Flyer for each MVRC Resource Center location.