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June 11, 2018

Healthy Habits – Living Intentionally

Living Intentionally: 3 Easy Steps to Minimalism for the Military Veteran By: Dixie Bishop Minimalism is a lifestyle that helps to eliminate excess clutter and consumerism, while focusing on what’s truly important and what gives our lives meaning. The internet is full of people living in tiny houses or downsizing to 100 items. Those philosophies can be extreme and don’t apply to most minimalist. Living this lifestyle isn’t really that complicated. The concept is simply to gain more, with less. Its replacing material possession with experiences while simplifying your life. As military veterans, we are already trained to do this. When we deployed, we packed the essentials. One bag with uniforms and gear, and another with personal items. We knew not to pack five bags, because we would be hauling around those bags during our 24 hours of travel. We packed what we needed, and what was important to us. Minimalism uses the same concept in our everyday life. It’s intended to help you delete the unnecessary metaphorical baggage that you’re hauling. Today, I’m sharing three easy steps to help you remove clutter and teach you ways to start living intentionally. Step one: Take inventory and make goals. Write down what’s important to you and create objectives. This may be anything from spending more time with family, saving for vacation, fantasy football, or binge-watching Netflix. You don’t have to give up what you love to be a minimalist. Next you should create a list of things you want to remove […]
April 9, 2018

Family Time

By: Ryan Sargent In honor of April being the Month of the Military Child, here are a few things that are most important for children. Quality Time: Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages has helped countless couples navigate how to best love each other. Within those pages, he mentions that every child’s love language includes Quality Time. The best present to give our child is our presence. Mom, dads, and primary caregivers (whatever role that may be) have way more leverage than they realize in a child’s life. Spend time with them, make time for them, learn about them, schedule activities they enjoy, and participate with them. Learn the latest lingo and embarrass them with it. Apparently, a grown man saying, “This will be LIT FAM!” is not appropriate, at least that’s what my 16 year old says… but, it lends towards a good laugh. Make it fun. Here’s a list of a few local activities and resources in the Columbus, Ohio area. Similar things can be found in most cities, it can take some creativity and research. We may see them as activities or maybe one more thing to put on our calendar, but to our children, we are shaping their childhood memories in real time. When they’re grown, what will they look back on and remember? Use that influence wisely.   (Any of the below suggestions that are underlined, are clickable links to their websites. Click through, and plan your next activity!) Parks: These are great, free […]
April 2, 2018

Successful Tax Day in Stark County

Last week, on March 29, three of our tax specialists made the journey to the Veterans Service Commission in Stark County. Our specialists are certified through the Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB) and the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program (VITA). For the 17 veterans and spouses we helped with filling, they saved over $3,400 in filing fees. Not only are we saving them money, but combined, we were able to secure $15,000+ back in refunds.       Retired Army Major General, and MVRC Board President, Dan Hahn commented, “…Our specialists are trained is such a way, that they can handle virtually any tax issue or problem in the process of doing their taxes. This is a great service that we have offered the last couple of years. In each of the last two years, we’ve reached out to 500 vets, and we [are on track] to exceed that again this year. [Our hope] is that our veterans know that we truly care about them, and it’s not something we are giving them, but we are giving them an opportunity to once again find their purpose. This is not only value added to them, but to all the communities they end up living in.” We are grateful for Stark County’s VSC Executive Director, De Ann Covey, and Outreach Coordinator, Teresa White, for opening their facility to us, and for all the hard work they put in, in helping organize this event. It’s not too late to get help with your taxes. To […]