New Partnership With OhioHealth to Employ More Veterans Posted July 10, 2014 by Abby Reynolds


Military Veterans Resource Center has recently partnered with OhioHealth to bring even more jobs to our veteran clients. OhioHealth is a grouping of 75 not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare organizations that provides services to patients in need in the Central Ohio area.

The CEO of OhioHealth, David Bloom, saw that they had a lot of job openings available and was interested in hiring veterans to work for Ohio Health. The partnering of OhioHealth and Military Veterans Resource Center provides a strong example of MVRC's goal to also work specifically with employers to help fill vacancies by hiring veterans.

When working with a larger employer, such as OhioHealth, Military Veterans Resource Center uses a single point of contact (POC) as the most effective and efficient method for matching veterans with the right employer. This allows the employer to directly contact Military Veterans Resource Center when a job becomes available, instead of broadcasting the open position online. The contact at MVRC is then able to search our current list of job seeking veterans and find someone who will provide the best fit for the company and the position.

Military Veterans Resource Center's point of contact with OhioHealth is our career specialist, Velecia Luckette. Veterans interested in taking advantage of some of the open opportunities at OhioHealth must first:

  • Create an account and register with OhioHealth to apply for the position they are interested in.
  • Contact Military Veterans Resource Center to alert us that you have created an account and applied for a position, and send us a copy of your resume.
  • The point of contact for Military Veterans Resource Center will then send the veteran's resume to OhioHealth top management, and the veteran will be one of the first applicants considered for the vacant position.

Currently, Military Veterans Resource Center has helped 15 veterans to get involved in the OhioHealth application process. OhioHealth is quite timely with their response rate, and in several cases, has gotten back to our veterans within 72 hours to schedule  interviews.

Military Veterans Resource Center is excited  about this Ohio Health partnership and hopes to help provide qualified veterans to fill all of their current vacancies.

Interested in applying, but not sure where to start? Call our offices today to speak with a career specialist and get started on finding your new career!