EXPIRATION NOTICE: Veterans Bonuses Expiring Soon Posted July 14, 2014 by Abby Reynolds


The deadline to claim bonuses in the state of Ohio for those who served in active duty anywhere in the world during the Iraq war is December 31, 2014. That date will have marked the three-year anniversary of when American involvement in that war came to an official end.

For those who were injured while serving during the Iraq war or for the immediate families of service members who passed away, the bonuses were just increased.

If you are a veteran,  or a relative of a veteran, bonuses are still available to be claimed. Many people are unaware of this availability and have yet to apply. At the very minimum, those considered qualified veterans during the Iraq conflicts would receive an extra $50 a month.

The state of Ohio is traditionally strong in honoring all those who have served, so please take advantage of the bonuses made available to you by the state before they expire this winter.

For information on how to check your qualification and learn more about the bonuses available to you, call 1-877-644-6838, visit your county veterans service office, or visit the veterans bonus website here.