DVDs for Troops Posted December 14, 2013 by Len Proper


December 14, 2013

Entertainment for troops in combat zones often is difficult. Outdoor activities such as baseball, football or basketball can be dangerous because of snipers or other enemy activities. DVDs, CDs and books have become welcome diversions for troops who are in the field for weeks at a time.

Marine Master Sergeant Jose Gonzalez wrote to his mother-in-law, asking her if she could find things to send him that could lighten the holidays for his troops. Wanda Swyers went into action, connecting her granddaughter's Sunday School class with Military Veterans Resource Center and AMVETS Task Force DVD. Together, they gathered, packed and shipped over 700 DVDs and 100 CDs to Afghanistan.

AMVETS Task Force DVD has a goal to ship 1 million new and used DVDs to American troops who are in combat zones or recuperating at bases in the U.S. and Europe. If you would like to support Task Force DVD, more information can be found at: www.amvetsnsf.org/taskforce.html or by calling 1-877-726-8387.