War puts a tremendous strain on soldiers and their families. The fear of harm during combat and the loneliness of separation from families affects both the deployed service member and the family waiting at home. 

When veterans return from military service with physical, mental or emotional wounds that prevent them from living productive lives, they are not alone in their suffering. Their families also suffer. But often, it is difficult for veterans to ask for help when the stress becomes overwhelming. Rather than show weakness, or risk having employers learn of their struggles, they instead suffer in silence. 

That’s why we provide free confidential mental health services from licensed counselors who are themselves veterans. Confidential as in the only records are kept are between the veteran and the counselor. Nothing gets reported anywhere else – not even names. Our goal is to provide a safe harbor where veterans can feel comfortable letting down their guard with someone who understands what they are facing. 

Ryan Sargent is a licensed professional counselor who is an Army veteran. He is supervised by Dr. Scott Hall, a professor of counseling at the University of Dayton, who also is an Army veteran.  

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or depressed? Do you feel like your life is stuck in neutral? Contact Ryan and set an appointment. There never is a cost and everything is 100 percent confidential. 

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