Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Military Veterans Resource Center (MVRC)?
Military Veterans Resource Center is a private nonprofit organization that provides personalized services to all veterans and military personnel who have served our nation honorably. We are not a government organization.
2. What services do you provide?
Our Veterans Services Specialists meet with veterans one-on-one and connect them with the resources that fit their specific needs. We provide career services, such as career assessments, resume assistance and interview preparation, as well as food services, mental health counseling, transportation assistance, housing assistance, and services for families. Should a client require additional supportive services, he or she may be referred to one of MVRC’s partner organizations.
3. Who are MVRC’s partners?
MVRC has relationships with:

  • Veterans’ service organizations, such as the VFW, AMVETS, American Legion and Disabled American Veterans
  • Non-government social service agencies, such as Volunteers of America, Goodwill and Easter Seals
  • Federal and state agencies, such as the VA, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and county Veterans Service Commissions.We also have partnerships with many veteran-friendly employers.
4. What are the Mission and Core Values of MVRC?
Our Mission:

Our mission is to help veterans develop self-reliance and independence by providing access to the resources they need to successfully manage life transitions.

Our Core Values:
  • Every veteran we serve will be treated with respect.
  • Every veteran we serve will have the opportunity to become self-reliant in his or her career.
  • Every veteran who needs assistance will receive assistance.
  • Every service decision we make will be based on the question: What is best for the veteran?
5. Where is MVRC located?
We are headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, with three other resource centers in Chillicothe, Dayton, and Hamilton. The hours at each center vary, so we encourage people to check our website,, before visiting with a Veterans Services Specialist.
6. What makes MVRC different than other service organizations helping veterans?
At MVRC, no veteran is left to fend for himself or herself. Each veteran who comes to us is assigned a Veterans Services Specialist who will meet one-on-one and provide constant advice and guidance throughout his or her time with us. As long as the individual is a veteran who has served honorably, they are encouraged to connect with us.
7. Who are the MVRC Veterans Services Specialists?
Our Veterans Services Specialists are both veterans and civilians, and they bring a variety of skills and experiences to MVRC. Collectively, they have backgrounds in social work, public relations, counseling, health education, business administration, law enforcement and accounting.
8. Where does MVRC get its funding?
All of our funding comes from tax-deductible donations from individuals, organizations and businesses. We do not accept any direct government funding, but we have partnerships with organizations that may be government-funded.
9. How does MVRC work with employers who want to hire veterans?
We work with employers wanting to hire veterans through the following ways:

Career/Job Fairs
Each year, we host several career fairs around Ohio and invite employers to participate who have expressed a sincere interest in hiring veterans. We’re not interested in employers who just want their photo on the evening news. These are not money making events. Although we open the events to all veterans, those who are our clients are well-prepared and ready to interview. Employers who have attended our events say they are the best organized fairs they’ve attended, and it is not uncommon for them to leave with 15-20 scheduled interviews.

Private Hiring Events
Essentially, this is a private, company-only career fair. Sometimes, we’ll have 2-3 companies come together at a single location. At a private hiring event, the employer provides us with the position descriptions for which they are recruiting. We then pre-screen veterans and prepare them to interview on the spot with employer representatives. Because both we and the employer need significant lead time to schedule the events, we generally focus on jobs for which there are several openings or that are open on a continuing basis. For example, we helped Senator Sherrod Brown host a private hiring event for the shale oil industry. Over 500 veterans had a first interview the same day and over 100 eventually were hired. We also held a private event for a banking institution and placed 35 veterans with the company within three weeks.

Single Point of Contact
Most of the time, especially with a larger employer, using a single point of contact (POC) is the most efficient method for us to match employers and veterans. Both MVRC and the employer assign a person as a POC to ensure that lines of communication remain open. Instead of broadcasting position descriptions to websites, the employer’s POC shares the info with our assigned POC, who then is responsible for reaching out to the veterans community to identify potential candidates for the employer. Our Veterans Services Specialists screen and pre-qualify the veterans before passing the resume to the employer’s POC.

10. Are military families and spouses eligible for your services?
Military Veterans Resource Center’s policy is “to do whatever is best for the veteran,” and often that includes providing services to spouses and families. We encourage any military family experiencing distress to connect with us.

11. How can I make a donation to MVRC?
Military Veterans Resource center is a nonprofit tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. To donate, you can:

  • Write a check and send it to:
        Military Veterans Resource Center
        P.O. Box 29611
        Columbus, OH 43229-3314
  • Make a donation by donating here.
  • Or, if you’re an Amazon shopper, we invite you to shop at and choose Military Veterans Resource Center as your charity of choice. We receive .5% of the sale.

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